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Welcome, Institute members!   

Launched in April 2019 and now with over 1800 members, the GTMRx Institute is off and running with a range of activities to share timely, relevant content and facilitate dialogue to help ensure we can get the medications right for every person, every time.  

An important part of our work is making sure it’s easy for our members to stay informed on what we’re doing and to take advantage of learning and collaboration opportunities.   

Here you’ll find our “Focus On Communications” member updates. We hope you find this information helpful and invite you to visit regularly to get the latest on these important efforts. 

If you have a question or comment after watching the video, please feel free to submit it by completing the form linked here.

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Focus On—March/April 2022
  • GTMRx Institute celebrates 3-year anniversary on April 17, 2022 (Learn more)
  • Executive Roundtable—Optimizing Medication Use for Accountable Care Success | April 13, 2022 (Learn more)
  • Podcast | Voices of Change with Karthik Ganesh, CEO, EmpiRx Health (Listen)
  • GTMRx Resource Center (Read)
  • GTMRx Milestones (Read)
  • Use Case | Cleveland Clinic (Read)
  • Use Case | Federally Qualified Urban Health Network (FUHN) Medication Optimization (Read)
  • Blog | Spreading the word: New VA web-based resource center shares road-tested insights for integrating clinical pharmacists | Julie Groppi, PharmD, VA (Read)
  • Issue Brief | CMMI project shows how comprehensive medication management (CMM) improves care for high-risk patients: Initiative has expanded statewide (Read)
  • Press Release: GTMRx Experts Reveal Health Care Must-Haves for 2022 and Beyond  | March 15, 2022 (Read)
  • And more!
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Focus On—January/February 2022
  • Health Care Value Week Sponsorship and Speaking (Watch)
  • The National Registry of Comprehensive Medication Management Practices© by the GTMRx Institute (Visit)
  • Letter to the Personalized Medicine Caucus Co-Chairs—Representatives Tom Emmer (R-MN) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA)—on the Right Drug Dose Now Act (Read)
    • Sign on your Support (Form)
  • Voices of Change Podcast with Jessica Lea, CEO, Tria Health (Listen)
  • Blog: Employers need a comprehensive approach to improving the drug benefit. CMM is the solution | Karen van Caulil (Read)
  • Blog: Pharmacogenomics for Physicians and Pharmacists: Legality and Liability Implications | Anthony Morrealle and Shawn McFarland (Read)
  • And more!

Welcome to our newest Strategic Partner: Tria Health!

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Focus On—November/December 2021
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Focus On—September/October 2021

Welcome to our newest Strategic Partner: College of Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmacists (CPNP)

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Focus On—July/August 2021

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Focus On—May/June 2021
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Focus On—March/April 2021
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Focus On—January/February 2021
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Focus On—November/December 2020
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Focus On—September/October 2020
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Focus On—July/August, 2020
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Focus On—May/June, 2020
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Focus On—March/April, 2020
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Focus On—January/February, 2020
  • Starting off 2020 with over 750 members! 
  • Feb. 6 call-to-action summit with the Bipartisan Policy Center—Get the Medications Right: Innovations in Team-Based Care
  • Recap of meeting with national employer groups to develop an employer tool kit
  • Newly syndicated podcasts on Healthcare NOW Radio
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Focus On—November/December, 2019
  • Seven months and almost 700 members and counting! 
  • GTMRx Learning Network releases additional webinars, issue briefs, videos, podcasts and more 
  • Workgroups are working diligently to prepare for the Feb. 6 call-to-action summit—Get the Medications Right: Innovations in Team-Based Care
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Focus On—September/October, 2019
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