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The Get The Medications Right Institute (GTMRx) is celebrating 3 years of impact and advancement of our goals. Now, more than ever we remain committed and anchored in our belief statements:

  • A personalized, patient-centered, systematic and coordinated approach to medication use will vastly improve outcomes and reduce overall health care costs.
  • We must align systems of care to integrate comprehensive medication management, engaging patients to ensure that they are willing and able to take those medications that are indicated, effective, and safe, to optimize their outcomes.
  • We need immediate delivery system, payment, and policy transformation to streamline clinical trials and reduce costs of bringing drugs to market while enabling successful, broad-scale adoption of integrated, comprehensive medication management (CMM) services.
  • Appropriate diagnosis and access to advanced diagnostics with companion/complementary and pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing is essential to target correct therapy.
  • Success requires team-based, patient-centered care models that recognize appropriately skilled clinical pharmacists as medication experts who work in collaborative practice with physicians and other providers.

Read our press release to learn more about our efforts.


For the past 3 years we have remained committed to developing resources for various stakeholders. As a result from our efforts, we have developed over 290+ resources easily accessible through our website compiled in the GTMRx National Resource Center.

GTMRx National Resource Center

One such example of our free resources is the Consumer Explainer video. Watch this simplified explanation of comprehensive medication management (CMM):

Policy Solutions

There are multiple barriers we must overcome to unlock the promises of personalized medicine that optimize medication therapies for all patients through broad adoption of comprehensive medication management learn more.

  • Not a member? Join us– it’s freeTogether we can improve outcomes and reduce overall cost of care.
  • Want to contribute to our work?  Find out how.

See our:


GTMRx’s efforts have had a national scope, served as a source of information for the introduction of legislation and facilitated the development of expert-led work groups centered in the development of solutions to the ongoing medication crises.

Join Us

You can join in our efforts of getting the medications right by:

  • Become a member: If you agree with our belief statements, simply fill out the signing member form to join at no cost.
  • Supporting Signing Member: Individual members amplify our voice! For less than $20 a month, you can play a critical role in the work to enhance life by ensuring appropriate and personalized use of medication and gene therapies. Together, we’re moving the needle to transform practices, spotlight the evidence supporting comprehensive medication management, and advance payment and policy solutions. Sign up here.
  • Interested in joining our board? Board members make a financial and time commitment, and they take an active leadership role in establishing the strategic direction of the GTMRx Institute. See our current Board of Directors. To learn more about qualifications contact [email protected].
  • Become an Executive Member or Strategic Partner: Our Executive Members and Strategic Partners are organizations that want to take an active role—health plans, technology firms, care delivery organizations, employer groups, consumer groups, providers and other stakeholders. Contact us to learn more.
  • Donate To The GTMRx Foundation: The GTMR Foundation is a separate 501(c)3 charitable entity, and donations in any amount are welcome. Your generosity will support several educational outreach efforts that will positively enhance patient-centered care and the common good, nationwide. Call us at (571) 310-2642 to learn more.
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