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Precision Medicine Enablement via Advanced Diagnostics

Advances in diagnostics—Including pharmacogenomics, emerging tumor markers, the importance of individual genetic variability to risk, understanding the influence of the microbiome, complimentary and companion diagnostics—are rapidly changing our approach to medication therapy from a “shot gun,” trial-and error approach to personalized/precision medication and gene therapy choices.

Workgroup Chair

Steven Goldberg

Chair: Steve Goldberg, MD, MBA, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Population Health and Chief Health Officer, Health & Wellness, Quest Diagnostics

Workgroup Co-Lead

Michael Tobin

Co-Lead: Micheal Tobin, M. Arch, Director Healthcare Policy and Advocacy, Strategic Customer Group, Johnson & Johnson

Workgroup Co-Lead

Brian Caveney pic

Co-Lead: Brian Caveney, MD, JD, MPH, Enterprise-Wide Chief Medical Officer, LabCorp

Physician Advisor

Physician Advisor: Terry McInnis, MD, MPH, CPE, FACOEM, Blue Thorn Inc. Healthcare Consulting, President, Get the Medications Right, Co-Founder, President

Workgroup Goals

  • Offer industry guidance and specific recommendations in order to inform best practices and practice adoption (employer, payor and provider-level recommendations and guidance)
  • Identify and more rapidly translate what is known scientifically about these advanced diagnostics into clinical care and practice. This Workgroup should serve as a platform for discussion and consensus around the means by which emerging testing (scientific, regulatory, payment, or practice barriers) can more rapidly be translated into better medication and gene therapy optimization.
  • Prioritize key broad areas (e.g., pharmacogenomics—panel size and evidence, reimbursement, drug labeling with companion/complementary diagnostics, utility of whole gene sequencing, etc.).
  • Consensus and guideline documents will emerge to inform best practices and recommended changes.
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