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Policy Solutions

Join us. Together we can improve outcomes and reduce overall cost of care.

There are multiple barriers we must overcome to unlock the promises of personalized medicine that optimize medication therapies for all patients through broad adoption of comprehensive medication management.

The GTMRx Institute has created a Blueprint for Change in order to

  1. Advance acceptance and recognition by providers and payors (to include employers) of the importance of creating a systematic approach to medication and their rationale use. We believe this is an important long-term solution to saving lives and money.
  2. Engage physicians, clinical pharmacists and other team members who share a complete commitment to medication optimization by providing tools, data, practice standards and implementation resources to advance their ability to optimize medication use in their own settings.
  3. Educate and inform patient groups, Congress, CMS and payors (to include national health systems such as the VA). This requires recognition of the importance of CMM within models that support practice, payment and policies. We wish to enable and move to precision/personalized medication management, including access and successful integration of diagnostics with clinical pharmacists and genetic counseling services to optimize care.

The Institute is a vehicle to explore new and innovative payment and value-based contracting arrangements with payers, employers and other industry leaders. In July 2020 we released our “Blueprint for Change” outlining important areas of focus and activities designed to inform our payment and policy solutions.  Join us as we work together to bring about change!

Watch and share the video below, which illustrates the patient perspective offering insight into why optimizing medication use through comprehensive medication management in practice is needed today more than ever before.  

Video by the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Published on Jan 16, 2019.
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