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Benefits for Providers

Getting people to clinical goal. Faster.

Pharmaceuticals are the most common medical intervention, and their potential for both help and harm is enormous (IOM).  Clinicians frequently change or add medications, not realizing that patients are, in some cases, not taking them as prescribed. And prescribers may not have the full picture (and thus the full risk profile) because they may be unaware of other prescriptions or diagnoses that involve other clinicians.

Ensuring that Americans get the most benefit from advances in pharmacology is a critical component of improving our health care system. We can optimize patient outcomes by overcoming barriers to safe and more effective medication use at the practice, hospital and delivery system levels.

Individual patient needs should be the target of our medication efforts.

Join us. The new proposition optimizing medication value is connecting the right medications to the right patient with the right dosage.

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Connecting optimization of medication with clinical decision-making and diagnostics

By integrating clinical information, diagnostics and current research, we will see safer, more appropriate use of medication.

Getting people to clinical goal

We can be more effective in moving patients toward clinical therapy goals with informed, educated patients, a comprehensive medication list, and therapeutic recommendations from the pharmacist.

Optimizing and leveraging the team

Pharmacists contribute measurable value to providers by recommending drug therapy regimens that move patients more quickly towards clinical goals–while also educating patients to help minimize interactions and side effects.

Greater provider satisfaction

Getting patients to clinical goal through team-based care and collaborative practice liberates physicians to focus on other patient needs–and improves patient satisfaction.

Join us. Together we will transform practice, use evidence wisely and implement real policy solutions.

Action changes things.

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