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Payment and Policy Solutions

This group will offer specific stakeholder guidance and an advocacy platform for GTMRx with strategies for health plans, employers, providers and consumers/consumer groups, together with specific recommendations for overcoming payment and policy barriers that inhibit broad adoption of a systematic approach to appropriate medication use and access across the health care continuum.


Kathy Pham headshot

Co-Lead: Kathy Pham, Pharm.D., BCPPS Director, Policy and Professional Affairs, ACCP


John McGlew headshot

Co-Lead: John McGlew, MA, Director of Government Affairs, ACCP


Jennifer Posa Flynn headshot

Co-Lead: Jennifer Posa Flynn, MS, Healthcare Quality Director, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems


Co-Lead: Brad Cannon, Pharm.D., Director of Experiential Education, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Rosalind Franklin University


Co-Lead: Tom Kraus, JD, MHS, VP, Office of Government Relations, ASHP


Terry McInnis

Physician Advisor: Terry McInnis, MD, MPH, CPE, FACOEM, Get the Medications Right, Co-Founder, President, Blue Thorn Inc HealthCare Consulting, President

Workgroup Goals

  • Identify and publicize existing private and public delivery systems with payment models and/or benefit design structures in which CMM has achieved a critical mass of operationalization and support.
  • Obtain and, if possible, report on both individual practice and integrated systems economic, safety, resource savings and outcome data attributable to the provision of CMM services.
  • Encourage studies of practice/system “opportunity cost” attributable to failure to implement and execute CMM within the enterprise.
  • Identify essential health IT information/data sharing information and strategies that are essential to achieve the workgroup’s purpose.
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