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For You & Your Family

Comprehensive medication management benefits consumers.

If you are like most people, you and your family have a lot of questions about medications.

  • Are all of these medications appropriate?
  • Are all of the medications safe, taken together?
  • Are some medications causing an inability to focus and complete tasks?
  • Do these medications add to quality of life?
  • Are there tests that will offer a more personalized approach to care?
  • Is there a medication expert available who can offer advice?
  • How do I find these professionals and/or services?

We believe it’s time to fundamentally change how medications are managed so they are appropriate, safe and effective for everyone. To accomplish this, we must align systems of care to integrate comprehensive medication management, engaging patients to ensure that they are willing and able to take those medications that are indicated, effective and safe, to optimize their outcomes. If you agree, join us.

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Here’s how comprehensive medication management can help you.

Personalized medicine

A personalized, patient-centered, systematic and coordinated approach to medication use.

Collaborative care

Team-based care, through collaborative practice agreements and diagnostics, to ensure you receive the right medications at the right time, in the right dosage, based on personal and biological needs.

More affordable care

There’s more than $528 billion in annual costs associated with therapies that aren’t optimized for the individual patient.  It impacts life and death, and affects the quality of life for millions of people.

Join us. Together we will transform practice, use evidence wisely and implement real policy solutions.

Action changes things.

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