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Thank you for visiting our workgroup page. Here you’ll find information about our collaborative approach to developing and disseminating solutions to support our vision of enhancing life by ensuring appropriate and personalized use of medication and gene therapies.


Our four accomplished workgroups focus on distinct aspects to getting the medications right™:  Practice and Care Delivery Transformation; Payment and Policy Solutions; Precision Medicine Enablement via Advanced Diagnostics; and, Health IT to Support Optimized Medication Use.

The Institute is entering the next phase in its lifecycle. With strong board support and volunteer leadership, and the vast array of tools and resources developed, the next phase will focus on engaging strategic partners who can leverage the work to date and rapidly advance CMM with providers, payers, policymakers and other key stakeholders.

Workgroup Leadership and Membership  

Workgroup efforts are guided by the GTMRx board and supported by volunteer leaders. Our workgroup volunteer network is robust, with close to 175 GTMRx Institute members from a variety of backgrounds.

Signing members of the Institute who are passionate about any of these four areas and who are willing to contribute their time and expertise are encouraged to volunteer to be part of a workgroup. There is no cost to becoming a signing member. To learn more about joining the Institute as a signing member, please visit our membership page.

Learn More 

To learn more about each workgroup, please click on the links below. If you have questions and would like to talk with someone at the Institute about the workgroups, please contact us at [email protected].

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Practice & Care Delivery Transformation

This group will provide guidance and recommendations that will enable broad practice adoption of a systematic approach to medication use (CMM) throughout the continuum of care. The group will work to ensure a patient can engage and confidently be assured that the medications or combinations thereof are in fact optimized to meet their unique needs (genetic, personal, social, cultural) within an aligned and constantly “learning”  health care delivery system.

Payment and Policy Solutions

This group will offer specific stakeholder guidance and an advocacy platform for GTMRx with strategies for health plans, employers, providers and consumers/consumer groups, together with specific recommendations for overcoming payment and policy barriers that inhibit broad adoption of a systematic approach to appropriate medication use and access across the health care continuum.

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Precision Medicine Enablement via Advanced Diagnostics

This group will engage existing groups to determine major barriers or opportunities for advancement; consider employer, government, and health plan payer needs to develop a framework for adoption of testing and use; and educate providers (physicians, pharmacists, nursing and others).

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