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The Outcomes of Implementing and Integrating CMM in Team-Based Care- A Review of the Evidence on Quality, Access and Costs

Learn about the peer-reviewed evidence showcasing the value of CMM, through improvements in access to care, provider work life, outcomes and patient satisfaction as well as a reduction in costs. These findings outline the CMM team-based care process that can be implemented in a variety of health care systems to ensure positive patient outcomes.

Developed by the Evidence-Based Resources Subgroup of the Practice and Care Delivery Transformation Workgroup.

The Outcomes of Implementing and Integrating Pharmacogenomics within CMM in Team-Based Care: A review of evidence on quality, access and costs

Learn about peer-reviewed evidence supporting pharmacogenomics (PGx) integrated into CMM team-based care which can produce decreased costs, increased provider education and patient satisfaction, access to care and outcomes. See the demonstrated impact of PGx as a tool used during the delivery of CMM services and how it allows for precisely fitted and delivered medical care based on the unique characteristics of an individual’s genetic profile, lifestyle and environment.

Developed by the Precision Medicine Enablement via Advanced Diagnostics Workgroup.

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