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Optimizing Medication Use Through Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) in Practice: Strategic Recommendations for Implementing CMM into the Care Team with Sustainable Payment and Practice Structures

The GTMRx Institute offers this document as guidance for payment and policy solutions needed to expand access to CMM in order to positively impact patient care. Medication-related problems are a top preventable cause of serious adverse health events and avoidable…

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Comprehensive Medication Management: FAQ for Patients

Learn more about having a medication expert that works with you and your doctors to make sure that you are taking the best medications, at the right dose, the first time—through a process called comprehensive medication management (CMM). Through answers to commonly…

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Value Framework for Providing CMM in Telehealth

The escalation of telehealth has shed light on the opportunities that exist to increase patient access to care through virtual visits that extend beyond the traditional in-office visit. Included as an opportunity for telehealth is comprehensive medication management (CMM). This…

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Comprehensive Medication Management: FAQ for Employers

Find the answers to frequently asked questions, from an employer standpoint, that arise with the implementation of CMM. This document elucidates benefits from a plan sponsor point of view, employee population outcomes, availability of CMM to employees, resolution of medication…

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