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GTMRx and ERIC Partner to Promote Transparency for Patients and Employers
Leading Coalition Focused on Appropriate Use of Medications Joins Forces with The ERISA Industry Committee to Support Groundbreaking “Buy Right Strategy” 
Tysons Corner, VA — June 29, 2022 — On the heels of passage of bipartisan legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that will, for the first time, give employer plan sponsors insight into the costs of drugs and pharmacy benefit management services; the critical importance of comprehensive medication management (CMM) has never been more clear. Recent inquiries by the Federal Trade Commission about the business practices of the six largest pharmacy benefit managers also shed important light on the opaque and skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs plaguing families across the country.
In an effort to continue educating and advocating for critical changes into the medication use process, The Get the Medications Right™ (GTMRx) Institute, a coalition of over 1600 members calling for medication management reform bringing together critical stakeholders across health care, is announcing a strategic partnership with The ERISA Industry Committee, a national benefits advocacy association exclusively representing the largest employers in the United States in their capacities as employee benefit plan sponsors for their nationwide workforces.
“GTMRx’s mission is to drive visibility for how all stakeholders in health care can evolve to ensure medications are managed safely, effectively and affordably and that the right medication is available to the consumer,” said Katherine H. Capps, co-founder and executive director at GTMRx. “For employers, this means integrating comprehensive medication management into their benefit design. By partnering with ERIC, the leading advocate for large employer plan sponsors, we’re able to educate a broader audience, and take our advocacy to the next level, to promote practices that can protect patients and deliver better coverage for employees and families across the country.”
The partnership is part of the GTMRx “Buy Right Strategy, an educational outreach program to educate employers as health plan sponsors about a better way to manage medications. As part of its initiative, GTMRx, with support from employers, developed a toolkit to help employers integrate comprehensive medication management into their benefit design as they work with medical carriers and PBMs.
“The GTMRx mission is very much in line with ours at ERIC – to develop and advance public policies that will inject transparency into the health care system, improve quality and lower costs, thus supporting better benefits for employees,” said James Gelfand, President of The ERISA Industry Committee. “ERIC will work with GTMRx both to raise awareness of the value of comprehensive medication management, as well as to ensure that employers have a full and transparent view into their benefits plans, and can accurately evaluate whether health plan vendors are ensuring that patients get maximum value and effectiveness in their drug treatments and benefits.”
About the Get the Medications Right™ Institute
The GTMRx Institute is a catalyst for change that brings critical stakeholders together, bound by the urgent need to get the medications right. We are physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients, health IT innovators, drug and diagnostics companies, consumer groups, employers, payers—aligned to save lives and save money through comprehensive medication management. By showcasing evidence and innovation, we motivate practice transformation and push payment and policy reform. Together, we ACT to champion appropriate, effective, safe and precise use of medication and gene therapies. Learn more at
About ERIC
ERIC is a national nonprofit organization exclusively representing the largest employers in the United States in their capacity as sponsors of employee benefit plans for their nationwide workforces. With member companies that are leaders in every economic sector, ERIC is the voice of large employer plan sponsors on federal, state, and local public policies impacting their ability to sponsor benefit plans and to lawfully operate under ERISA’s protection from a patchwork of different and conflicting state and local laws, in addition to federal law.
Americans engage with an ERIC member company many times a day, such as when they drive a car or fill it with gas, use a cell phone or a computer, watch TV, dine out or at home, enjoy a beverage or snack, use cosmetics, fly on an airplane, visit a bank or hotel, benefit from our national defense, receive or send a package, or go shopping.
Contact: Aimee Eichelberger
For: Get the Medications Right Institute
Aimee (at) superior (dot) com

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