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Our focus areas are the blueprint for our work:

1. Practice Transformation: We engage physicians, clinical pharmacists and other team members who share a complete commitment to medication optimization by providing tools, data, practice standards and implementation resources to advance their ability to optimize medication use in their own settings. The Practice Transformation Working Group addresses specific skills, tools and knowledge needed to advance medication optimization.

2. Evidence & Innovation: We’re working to advance acceptance and recognition by providers and payors (to include employers) of the importance of creating a systematic, evidence-based approach to medications and their rational use. We believe that this is an important long-term solution to saving lives and money.  Our Evidence & Innovation Working Group is identifying experience-based best practices for greater dissemination and adoption.

3. Policy Solutions: We’re working to educate and inform patient groups, Congress, CMS and payors (to include national health systems such as the VA). This work on both the payment and legislative fronts is critical. It requires recognition of the importance of leveraging technology to support CMM and encouraging practice, payment, and policies to enable the move to precision/personalized medication management, including access to and successful integration of diagnostics with clinical pharmacists and genetic counseling services to optimize care. Our Policy Solutions Working Group is tasked with identifying and advancing evidence-based, effective solutions.

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