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By: Katherine H. Capps
Executive Director
GTMRx Institute

September 24, 2021

An appeal: We need your financial support to find a better way to manage medications

On Feb. 6, 2020—just 10 months after launching the GTMRx Institute—we held our first national meeting in partnership with the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, DC. A total of 370 people attended the event, either remotely or in person. It was our official launch and was meant to be an introduction to a year filled with policy and partner briefings focused on building and expanding our dedicated coalition. In February 2020 we were 750+ voices focused on the urgent need for medication management reform.

Even COVID-19 couldn’t shake our resolve, and we released our Blueprint for Change in July 2020. We took to Zoom to expand our outreach. A flurry of guidance documents, evidence papers, publications and use cases followed throughout 2020.

Today, we are 1400+ voices strong and still as passionate as we were in February 2020. We are committed to transforming practice and payment; bending the cost curve; and changing practice to prevent medication disasters, especially for those with multiple chronic conditions who are seeing many physicians and taking many medications that may or may not be coordinated, needed and/or managed.

The pandemic did not slow our growth. In fact, we pivoted by kicking off a national call to action and developing vaccine guidance and resources through our GTMRx National Task Force to Build Vaccine Confidence in the Health Neighborhood, led by an esteemed group of health care experts from across the industry.

Still undaunted

Today, more than 18 months after the world shut down, it is time to rededicate ourselves to the appropriate use of medications and gene therapies.

There has never been a time that the public was more aware of the value, benefits and rewards of appropriate medication use. We all have witnessed the lifesaving value of vaccines. However, “big science” and public health have been critically judged. Misinformation and confusion have undermined public trust in important institutions. Never before has the cry been louder for person-centered care.

As a nation, we must move forward to build a better way.

A better way forward

The pandemic highlighted our faults, but it did more than that. It demonstrated our ability to fast track lifesaving medications, expand access to care through telehealth, multiply and expand testing sites, re-deploy our health care workforce to meet patients where they are and pivot to cut the unnecessary red-tape and barriers of an archaic, heavily regulated health delivery system. It has been remarkable.

Most agree that it’s time to do health care better. For us, that means it’s time to manage medications differently.

But we need your help.

While we are not fully back to normal, we are back to reality. The pandemic took a bite out of our fundraising efforts, so I am writing to ask you to support our work financially—at any level.

We are committed to continue raising awareness, advocating for payment and policy change and educating employers and physicians about what is at stake. A better way to managed medications will not happen without your help.

Support our work. Join us today.

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We need your help now more than ever!