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“I had [different] insurance before, and now I feel like I have more choices and better care.”

“I like the idea that the doctors will talk to each other so that the same test does not have to be run several times, which costs everyone involved.”

“Monument Health is fresh, innovative, and a true outside-the-box approach to health care. ?I am very excited about the collaboration of the patient, providers and facilities.”

“The system pushes accountability and integrity. ?Holding providers accountable to my care outcomes helps develop the relationship between my provider and my health.”

“I believe the lower rates to go to a doctor will keep people from becoming really sick and ending up in the ER or hospital. ?A $15.00 co-pay is very easy compared to $45.00 on the old plan. The other lower costs will make people more apt to check a hurt foot, hand or body part that maybe injured so it does not get out of control and cost much more than needed to get the injury repaired.”

“I believe Monument Health is about a collaborative effort and really concentrates on the patients being the center of their care. ?I also think it is a long-term approach to keep costs under control.”

“I support the idea of utilizing local care and a network of local doctors working together. ?This network and the sharing of my medical information will make it so I don’t have to re-tell my issues, don’t have to scramble to obtain medical records for subsequent visits or when I want to see other doctors, and so I don’t have to spend more money than I really need to.”

“I live in Grand Junction. ?My kids and I always get our medical care here. ?We need to get in when we need in. ?Monument Health offered a plan with our doctors, the availability we need and the best buy.”

“I like that if a different type of care is needed beyond what is provided by Monument Health’s immediate network, there is a tiered system which will allow me to see a specialist outside of the network and have it still covered by my insurance.”

“I picked Monument Health because it’s cheaper when you figure the all-in, total cost each year.”

“It’s not just the company who processes my claims and pays my medical bills; I feel like I’m followed and cared about.”

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