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Terry McInnis, MD, is president and founder of Blue Thorn Inc., a health care and policy consulting firm. As a physician executive, her 30 years of experience covers the gamut, from clinical practice and leadership positions in both military and civilian hospital/private group practice setting to multi-national corporate medical director roles, with responsibility ranging from management of employer health benefits to developing, influencing, and promoting national and state health care policy and redesign.

Blue Thorn Inc. leverages Terry’s leadership and network of “best in class” resources and partners to enable clients to not only understand the economic, policy and delivery system changes necessary to remain viable, but to successfully—and proactively—create a sustainable health care payment and delivery system. Terry works extensively with ACO leaders and as an innovation grant subject matter expert, aware that success resides in not only sharing best practices, but also knowing what isn’t working and rapidly adjusting.

In her recent role as chief transformation officer for Cornerstone Health Enablement Strategic Solutions (CHESS), Terry gained first-hand knowledge of challenges and a roadmap needed for providers to successfully transition from fee-for-service to value. This included in-depth evaluation of the capital, payer contract “value” details, coding and documentation efforts, analytics, physician compensation realignment challenges, and clinical transformation strategies employed within numerous ACO/CIO provider/integrated delivery system entities. She also consulted with physician and professional organizations, developed staffing models, physician compensation guidelines, and client gap assessment strategies to determine next steps in maximizing resources for the greatest financial and clinical impact.

Terry is a recognized expert on the evolving role of clinical pharmacists as core PCMH/ACO team members in integrating comprehensive medication management services. She is current board chair of the Alliance for Medication Management (AIMM) and a director on the Board of Pharmacy Specialties. Extensive work with professional pharmacist organizations, colleges of pharmacy, physician and other provider organizations, patient advocacy groups, and public/private payers, continues on the delineation of practice, documentation, ROI, and payment models for this new service.

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