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Noor serves as the health care and program management specialist. She is currently completing her dual degree master’s in business administration and health care management from Marymount University. Noor also graduated from the University of California Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in public health with a specialty in policy.

Prior to working at GTMRx Institute, Noor worked as a program assistant at UCI’s Center for Investment and Wealth Management. At the center, Noor consulted students about managing their financial responsibilities as well as enhancing financial literacy on campus. She also worked as a project program coordinator intern at BioMedRx health center to manage projects related to electromagnetism, neurofeedback and biomagnetic pair therapy. After moving to the District of Columbia, Noor has collaborated with a professor at Marymount University in regards to identifying disparities in blood pressure and ethnicity, where she was able to present her research at conferences.


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