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HIT and AI to Support Optimized Medication Use


This group will provide leadership guidance and recommendations that will enable broad practice adoption of a systematic approach to medication use (CMM) throughout the continuum of care. Success will be defined as increased adoption of current and future standards of practice that provide optimal outcomes for consumers through effective medical and pharmaceutical management.

Workgroup Lead

Bassel Abul Hajj

Lead: Bassel Abul-Hajj, MPH, Vice President Model Development, Medecision


Jessica Macknight of Medecision

Co-Lead: Jessica Macknight, MRP, Vice President, Enterprise Data Management, Medecision


Co-Lead: Mason Smith, Senior Manager, Data Management, Oncology, Janssen

Physician Advisor

Terry McInnis headshot

Physician Advisor: Terry McInnis, MD, MPH, CPE, FACOEM, Get the Medications Right, Co-Founder, President, Blue Thorn Inc. Healthcare Consulting, President

Workgroup Goals

  • Support the adoption and expansion of both private and public sector initiatives to ensure widespread adoption of data standards required to insure wide spread CMM practice adoption
  • Be a visible resource to support government initiatives that advance data interoperability, CMM practice standards, and regulatory requirements for reimbursement that are consistent with the CMM framewor
  • Ensure that advancements in pharmacogenomics, AI and related intelligence models and systems are rapidly incorporated into IT systems and practice standards
  • Ensure the consistent visibility, adoption and advancement of the data, IT and AI systems necessary to advance adoption of the CMM framework
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