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Deb GageBy Deb Gage, President and CEO, Medecision; Board Member, GTMRx

December 11, 2019

If you’ve been following the work of the GTMRx Institute, you know that everything we do is focused on realizing our vision to enhance life by ensuring appropriate and personalized use of medication and gene therapies. Getting the medications right requires cooperation and transformation from all segments of the health care industry. For those of us working in the health IT industry, this is a particularly exciting time as we develop the technology infrastructure and the tools that will allow care teams and those in their care circle to be able to answer the question, “Is this the right medicine for this person?”
I recently had the opportunity to host a GTMRx Institute webinar, “Interoperability Forecast: Opportunities & Solutions for Comprehensive Medication Management.” The presentations—and discussion prompted by some excellent questions from attendees—were thought provoking for me personally, and I’d invite you to take a listen when you have a few minutes. 
While the thought of change can be intimidating for many, it is also an exciting time filled with possibilities and hope for a better future. Consider how we’ve seen technology improve other industries in ways that dramatically increased access to information, price transparency and ease of workflow. For example, just look at how digital technology has revolutionized the ride share and care service industry at major scale! We are now at a point—more than at any other in my 30-year career—to truly impact systematic, comprehensive change and to foster innovation in health care.
So what does this mean to medication management, specifically? We must put the power of information—about medications and related outcomes—in the hands of consumers and their care team members who are working collaboratively across specialties and across the technology systems currently in place. This is easier said than done because of the silos that exist in how care is delivered. We all want to see a specialist when we have a specific condition such as cancer, depression or heart disease. But it is important that these different specialists are able to function in an ecosystem that has access to everything needed to make the best possible decision together with their patients. Our primary challenge on the technology side of health care delivery is bringing all the pieces together in a collaborative environment—to fix the information fragmentation that’s getting in the way of getting the medications and treatments right.
We understand firsthand how improvements in information architecture and digital health experiences will enable a new era of health intelligence. As professionals who are part of the GTMRx Institute community, we are committed to leveraging these capabilities to bring about the systemic transformation we need to move away from our current trial-and-error system of medication management to one that is truly personalized and coordinated. In the months ahead, we’ll be sharing recommendations from GTMRx workgroups on specific actions we can take to make this vision a reality. If this resonates with you, I hope you’ll visit, check out what we’re doing and join us!

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